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Looking for Free Public WiFi in Southern Alberta? Check Out Our Alberta SouthWest Project!

Our Southern Alberta Nerds have been working on a project with Alberta SouthWest. We are now in the process of adding 16 more Meraki radios for new area deployments in South West Alberta.
We recently met with Alberta SouthWest and discussed expansion ideas that they\’d like to do with their current network.
1. They plan on selling advertising space for tourist attractions in our area and with the help of one of our Lethbridge Nerds, Josh Carswell, we will be able to accommodate this on their main splash page when people intially login to the public wireless network.
2. They will be rolling out a click through splash page for each town, documenting what activities / events are coming up each town. For instance, <– No that link isn\’t up yet, only a default page by Alberta SouthWest.
3. Next to the expansion, we will be rolling out some more high powered radios for high traffic areas as per demand.
Apparently, these WiFi signals are creating traffic havoc! Alberta SouthWest informed me that the parking lots and areas are getting so full sometimes that people have to park in other areas to walk in to the attraction or event in that area. There are semi drivers parking right below the radios in residential areas, and they shouldn\’t be parking there.
One of our Nerds, Trever Hollihan, spoke with the Mayor of Fort Macleod and the President of Alberta SouthWest, Mr Shawn Patience.
\”He informed me of a new website they have launched, and it even has a WiFi locator on it, and I\’d love to share it with you. This way, you can see how large of an area the wireless networks actually cover. They\’ve also created pages that can only be accessible via connecting to the radios that give the customer a lot of information about touring the areas they are in.
The amount of users has DOUBLED every month, with roughly about 2,000 – 2,500 people using our WiFi radios to access the internet!
\”The other reason he called is to let me know that in 2013, they are adding more towns to [the project] and they will need more radios installed!\”
We are about to take the bulls by the horns and try to make this deal registration MUCH easier for everyone! There will be a few Nerds involved to make this work!\”

Two Major Public WiFi Projects On The Go!

We have two major projects here in Southern Alberta, the Alberta SouthWest Project, as described above, and the Lethbridge Business Revitalization Zone project.
Our Lethbridge Team has described the BRZ network in previous posts:
\”The setup covers more than a city block (a public park and many businesses) and costs under $6,500 for all hardware and services with brand new enterprise-grade outdoor equipment with a 1-year warranty. Indoor equipment carries a lifetime warranty. In addition to the capital costs, monthly ongoing costs include a required Internet Service Provider connection and an optional maintenance agreement.
Our team continues to work with the Lethbridge Business Revitalization Zone and the Heart of our City Committee to find the best way to expand the coverage of this network to allow even more people to enjoy it!
Our team has worked with the City of Lethbridge to install 3 new access points, further broadening the network and making it more accessible to people in the downtown core.\”

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