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Looking Out For Our Client and Their Business

[this post from Nerd Jason Russell]
Welcome to a new world… I recently had an APPROVED proposal on the table for a Cisco Router, Untangle UTM (Unified Threat Management) and a Windows PDC/File Server.
Then came (Nerd) Alex Brown…we spoke about ClearOS and ClearBox300. I was amazed it could take the place of all this gear, so I checked with David Redekop (co-founder of Nerds On Site) out of my disbelief, and he confirmed all of it.
I went back to the drawing table, revised my quotes, and submitted them to the client, asking if they would not mind if I saved them $6,250 on the proposal. They are speechless I would do this – looking out for THEM and THEIR business. The next question was, \”do you still have my credit card on file?\”
I can\’t wait to share the implementation success story next!

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