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Microsoft Internet Explorer Browser All Time Low

Did you know that Microsoft\’s Internet Explorer browser market share has sunk to its all-time-low in April, at under 60 percent, as reported by NetApplications statistics?

\"\" NetApplications browser market share statistics for April 2010.

Personally, I prefer Firefox because of it\’s easy to use add-on and developer kits. It is good and bad having several browser options. Obviously it is good for the user, but for programmers like us, not that great. Why you might ask? Even though we have standards not all browsers interpret them the same way, and many people still use old browser versions so making a website requires us to check various versions, meaning more time testing.
Fun Fact #1: Who remembers Netscape? Yes, way back when dial-up was all the rave. Anyways it has been over 10 years since IE won over them.
Fun fact #2: IE has just released Internet Explorer 9 Beta


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