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Missing Email? It Could Be Your DNS Records!

Earlier this week I wrote an article referring to a recent Pingdom survey of DNS records. It was discovered that over 2/3 of all websites suffer from some DNS issues. Perhaps you might be wondering just what types of problems your website might have if your DNS records aren\’t correct.
One common problem that our team has been noticing is the inability of some mail system (including ours) to successfully deliver email to a domain with invalid DNS settings, specifically a domain with invalid MX records. Allow me to explain a few of those terms. First, every domain name that has email services must have a MX record setup in their DNS Zone. The DNS Zone tells other computers where your email, website and other hosted services are. MX records (Mail eXchange records) tell other mail servers where to deliver your email.
If your MX records aren\’t setup correctly, you will find that you will no longer receive some or all of your email. If you are having a problem receiving email, even if this is a new issue, you should first check to ensure that your DNS zone is clean. Improperly setup MX records can work for a while, and even work with some mail providers, but over time more and more mail providers will cease delivering to your mail server.
Nerds On Site offers free DNS analysis services, and if you are hosted with us, we\’ll help you fix it free of charge! Contact our team today to ensure that your DNS Zone is setup correctly!

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