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Monitoring Our Client’s Computers and Other Network Devices is Vital!

[this post from Nerd Scott Ledyard]
Last time I checked, when you are admitted into a hospital room, they don’t ask, “Do you want us to hook you up to monitoring or not?” If you’re their patient, you ARE on monitoring and they strap you in.
We feel the same way. Monitoring of our client’s computers and other network devices is vital. And it’s really not optional: Nerds On Site has made monitoring a mandatory requirement for all NerdCare clients.
But let’s take a moment and think back to that blinking, beeping monitor in the hospital room. What’s it really doing? We visitors tend to think of it as an alarm, alerting the nurse if the patient’s health takes a turn for the worse.
However, the monitor is not only for the nurse, but for the doctor. The doctor is less interested in the alerts and more interested in the reports showing the trends of a patients vital signs taken over many hours and even days.
At Nerds On Site, we are fortunate that our monitoring tool of choice, Level Platforms, also captures BOTH types of vital data. It alerts us if there are impending troubles with a server or router. And it collects key statistics over time that let us sit back and analyze what’s going on – or going to happen – with the crucial bits of our client’s infrastructure.
Finally, we need to ask ourselves, “Are we a nurse or a doctor.” Trick question. Of course, we are both. Our clients need both, and we can only be trusted business advisers by looking out for their short-term and long-term best interests.
We are holding training sessions in the coming weeks to help Nerds learn the best ways to get the most from Level Platforms, which in turn they can pass on to their cleints!

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