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Nerds Blog Redesign and Merger

\"\"Visitors to this blog will notice that we have recently redesigned it and merged it with the Nerds Hosting, Nerds Development, and Nerds Backup blogs. We decided to do this because we felt it was no longer necessary to have three separate blogs for our different teams. It has no doubt been confusing to those who have visited any of our blogs. In addition, three blogs have meant that we needed to maintain each of them. SEO was also a concern. We believe that with the merger, navigation is simplified and more streamlined, and blog posts are more frequent.
At the top of this blog, we have added different categories that represent each of our teams. Rather than linking to another blog, they link to all posts that we have attached each relevant category, be it Hosting, Development, or Nerds Backup. We have decided to keep our Community Involvement blog separate.
In addition, we have sifted through through the categories list and removed the irrelevant or redundant ones. The tags are also in the process of being sifted through, as we go through blog posts, ensuring relevancy.
Rather then have a lengthy list of links on the sidebar, we replaced some of them with graphics, such as Uptime, and listing our services, making it easier for people to get a hold of us to discuss their technology needs.
As with any blog, this will always be a work in progress, and we welcome your feedback! If there is anything you would like to see added or changed, or if you would like us to cover certain topics in our posts, please let us know! The entire reason this blog exists is to inform, educate, and interact with our clients and the public.
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