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Nerds Hosting Features Explained: Advanced Security

This article is part of a series on the different features offered as part of our Nerds Hosting packages.  The feature covered in this article is only available in our Business hosting packages.  The information covered in this blog is considered accurate at the time of publication.  You can contact our team for more information by visiting
\"CloudFlareOur team takes security very seriously, and for our Business Hosting clients we take extra special measures to ensure that your websites are safe.  There are many steps that go into securing our servers to best protect your site, and it starts with a Amazon cloud-powered firewall, which ensures that our server is as locked down as is possible.
We also take special measures to restrict FTP access to only authorized users.  FTP is a very old protocol that many developers still use to upload websites and make certain changes.  However, once your website is up and running, FTP access is generally no longer required for day to day operations and changes.  Unfortunately, due to it\’s age, FTP is a ripe target for malicious users, and just because you aren\’t using it doesn\’t meant they aren\’t trying to get in to wreck your website.  For that reason, we restrict FTP access and only provide time-limited access to our FTP service to clients that request it through our management console.
We also know that the strongest chain is most vulnerable at it\’s weakest link, and thus we only host Business Hosting clients on our business hosting platform, thus ensuring that ALL clients on your server are protected by the same security system and hack detection system.
To take this all one step further, we\’ve partnered up with CloudFlare to provide some really cutting-edge security features.  CloudFlare leverages the knowledge of a diverse community of websites to power a new type of security service. Online threats range from nuisances like comment spam and excessive bot crawling to malicious attacks like SQL injection and denial of service (DOS) attacks. CloudFlare provides security protection against all of these types of threats and more to keep your website safe.
Host your website with Nerds On Site\’s Business Hosting plan, and experience speed and security like you\’ve never seen it before!

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