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Nerds Hosting Features Explained: Domain Auto-Renewal

This article is part of a series on the different features offered as part of our Nerds Hosting packages.  The feature covered in this article is available in both our Basic and Business hosting packages.  The information covered in this blog is considered accurate at the time of publication.  You can contact our team for more information by visiting
Once you have a domain name, it needs to be regularly renewed, which is an irritating tasks that needs to be taken care of each year, and is easily forgettable.  A couple of years ago a police department in Tennessee lost their domain because the administrator in charge of renewing it was on leave when it expired.  Expired domains are publicly listed for the public to purchase, and there are many individuals and groups that closely watch these lists in order to snap up mistakenly expired domains.
With Nerds On Site, all our clients domains are automatically renewed.  There is no charge for this service, and nor do you have to turn it on!  Move your domains to us and gain peace of mind!

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