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Nerds On Site and London LAWN Bring WiFi to Downtown London Ontario

\"\"We are thrilled to be working with the folks over at London LAWN (@londonlawn) to bring free WiFi to downtown London, Ontario. Local businesses are working together to make downtown London a WiFi enabled area, and here is an article from their perspective.  A BIG thanks to our London computer repair team!
Here is a page showing real-time usage of the London LAWN WiFi network. In the past week along, 544 clients transferred 68.14 GB!
\”Launched in September  2011, LAWN (The London Area Wireless Network) currently covers three blocks of Dundas Street, from Talbot to Wellington Streets,\” mentions the article. \”It is an open and publicly accessible WiFi network that provides free access to the core\’s growing population of smartphone, tablet, and laptop users. Whether you work, live, or shop in the city\’s core, or just welcome an extra incentive to make the downtown experience better, LAWN is providing a viable and valuable service.\”
We helped with a similar project in Lethbridge, Alberta.
If this sounds like something your city or town would be interested in, please let us know!

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