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Nerds On Site and WatSec Join Forces in the War on Cybercrime

Partnership brings new security solutions and cybercrime expertise to Nerds On Site service portfolio
Waterloo (Ontario) CANADA, November 10, 2010 – Nerds On Site, a global leader in technology services, announced today it has partnered with Canadian security industry firm and cybercrime prevention specialist, WatSec to wage war against the growing threat of cybercrime attacks facing small to midsized enterprise (SME) businesses.
According to independent research firm, The Ponemon Institute, specializing in research surrounding data privacy and security, 73 percent of small to medium enterprises surveyed indicate they have fallen victim to cybercrime attacks during the past year. These security breaches come at a significant cost — upward of $202.00 for every affected customer record, translating into hundreds of thousands of dollars in losses to a SME over a year.
To address the growing need within its client base for preventative security measures, Nerds On Site will adopt WatSec’s WatSmart Secure – SafetyNet™ product.  WatSmart Secure – SafetyNet provides each NOS representative with an up to date view of each client’s Internet-exposed applications. If this view changes, a Nerds On Site representative is notified and proactive investigation takes place. This ensures that certain common changes within an organization do not accidentally leave an open door into their private network. WatSec will also provide independent security assessments to Nerds On Site clients who require third party security validation.
“Small to mid-sized enterprises are among the most vulnerable to cybercrime attacks. There are more than seven million SMEs in North America and nearly half have been touched by a cybercrime attack – this represents billions in revenue lost” says Doug Blakey, WatSec CEO and co-founder.  Our partnership with Nerds On Site is a match made in heaven.  Our WatSmart Secure – SafetyNet technology, coupled with third party internal and external security assessments, allow the Nerds to build a right-sized and affordable defense strategy for their SME client base.”
“Cybercrime is a very real and prominent threat for SMEs – who are particularly vulnerable and commonly have a lower level of security awareness,” says Dennis Houseknecht, Team Lead for the Nerds On Site NerdSecure Security Team.   “By partnering with WatSec, Nerds around the world now have access to advanced cybercrime prevention tools and techniques, and can protect their clients and prevent cybercrime attacks from being successful. This partnership ups the Nerds confidence factor exponentially and we’re extremely excited to welcome WatSec into our partnership fold.”
Nerds On Site
Established in 1995, Nerds On Site is a Technology Services Company with operations in Canada, USA, UK, Australia, South Africa, Mexico, India and Bolivia, serving more than 100,000 Clients around the world. We specialize in providing cost effective, leading edge solutions to Small and Medium sized Enterprises (SME\’s). We are the complete ON-source SME IT solution specialists. You don\’t have to OUT-source any business process solution OFF-shore with Nerds On Site close by.
WatSec is a technology company based in the Accelerator Centre at the University of Waterloo’s Research & Technology Park. Our fresh approach t

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