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Nerds On Site Calgary Sponsors & Volunteers for Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo 2013


This year our Calgary Team sponsored and volunteered for the Calgary Comic and Entertainment Expo from Friday April 26 – Sunday April 28. They were there for the entire weekend, offering their technical support and expertise for the Calgary Expo\’s Media Guests.  This meant ensuring their computer\’s, TVs, projectors, and all other miscellaneous technology for the 3 day event is up and running without a glitch.
2013 was the biggest year yet for the Calgary Expo!  It SOLD OUT of the estimated 60,000 tickets available!  This will make the Calgary Expo the 2nd largest Comic and Entertainment Expo in Canada! If you missed purchasing your tickets, or are out of town, don\’t worry you were in luck.  FlipOn.TV live streamed the entire 3 day event!
The interviews and panel sessions for media guests such as Game of Thrones, Walking Dead, Stan Lee, Nathan Fillion, and X-Files were all live streamed!
If you happened to be a lucky ticket holder for this year\’s Expo, we hope you spotted our Nerds in red, and maybe even had a chance to chat with them! It was an honour to be part of this year\’s Calgary Expo, and we hope to be a partner and sponsor of the Calgary Expo for years to come!
We have also been asked to be providing IT support for next year\’s Calgary Expo!
[thanks to Michael Duffy, our Team Leader in Calgary, Alberta, for contributing to this post.]

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