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Nerds On Site Will PROTECT Your Domains

Our clients are busy trying to run their business. Why should you have to worry about silly \’little\’ things like the status of your domain name? The Bay Citizen (a non-profit San Francisco area newspaper) is in disarray these days, what with merger talks and the recent death of their founder. Their domain name was with GoDaddy, and they naturally had more important things to focus on than what their domain name was doing. Sadly, all was not well, and they failed to renew their domain, whereupon it expired and their website went down.
Nerds On Site works day by day to remove these type of stresses from a client\’s life. Don\’t you have enough to worry about? With Nerds On Site, all domain name are AUTOMATICALLY renewed and constantly managed. We don\’t ask a client if they want to keep their domain, we don\’t wait for approval or authorization or for you to take a few moments out of their day to understand what the Nerds want this time – we just protect your domain. Also AUTOMATIC, INCLUDED and FREE is domain locking (to prevent unauthorized individuals from stealing the domain) and WHOIS Privacy for supported domains (to help prevent theft and spammers).
If you don\’t currently have your domains with Nerds On Site, consider the differences we offer.  Sure, our domains are a few pennies a month more expensive than a GoDaddy domain, but isn\’t it worth it to prevent this level of embarrassment?

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