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Nerds On Site Will Provide Free WiFi and Windows 8 tablet Demos at the Toronto Jazz Festival!

We\’re providing the WiFi and Windows 8 Dell tablets at the Toronto Jazz Festival this year!
Jazz festival attendees can register for the Nerds On Jazz contest at (not yet active) before and during the show to enter to win several prizes offered by Nerds On Site.
There will be three sections to the contest:
1. Pre Show: to win free tickets to featured artist.
2. Show Days: to win free tickets to the next featured artiste
3. After Show: to win a major prize [ it could be a Windows 8 Tablet]
All registered contestants will qualify for all sections of the Nerds On Jazz contest.
In addition, Nerds On Site will be present for the 9 days of the festival between June 20 to June 29 2013 to answer technology questions, and demonstrate the latest Windows 8 tablets from Dell.
On the technical side of things, we will be using the enterprise grade mesh networking technology by Cisco. Mesh Networking is a WiFi grid using several access points that communicate with each other to distribute wireless internet access over a wide area, similar to a the cellular network whereby you\’re transferred to the closest available tower as you travel.
[thanks to Anthony Berot, a Nerd in Toronto, Ontario, for this post.]

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