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NEW 24/7 Nerds On Site System Monitoring

[thanks to Mike Duffy, a Nerd in Calgary, Alberta for this post]
Being proactive when it comes to your Technology and Information is becoming more and more important.  Reactivity to system issues results in Downtime, Loss Money, Productivity, and not to mention Undue Stress and Anxiety.
Nerds On Site is making it possible to be proactive with your Technology and Systems no matter what your budget is!! For a low monthly cost, Nerds On Site will monitor your computer, printers, servers and many other Network connected devices and inform you by email if there is an issues or concern you need to be aware of. We can even notify you that your printer is low on toner!
You NO longer need for a inhouse server for this type of Monitoring! All you need is one computer to start with Nerds On Site 24/7 Monitoring.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, Nerds On Site Monitoring will watch over your Vital Information and Technology.  When the first sign something is detected, Nerds On Site contacts you to help you get it taken care of it before it becomes a larger problem.
Being proactive not only save money and prevents down time it just makes sense.  Reduce frustration, and give yourself peace of mind with Nerds On Site 24/7 System Monitoring!
For more information or to get set up please contact us!

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