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New Benefits for Business Hosting Clients

At Nerds On Site, our Business Hosting clients have long enjoyed some significant benefits over all other hosting packages, including constant hack detection, nightly backups, unlimited disaster recovery and extensive support.  (View all the differences between our different packages at
Our team is not sitting on these features, however, and instead is pushing forward to make hosting an amazing experience for our Business Hosting clients!  Last year we teamed up with CloudFlare to bring some amazing features to our clients, and after many months of testing we are starting to roll these features out to our Business Hosting clients.  And the best part of this news?  All these new features are being included for no extra charge!  If you are a Business Hosting client, we will be contacting you and notifying you once these new changes are turned on for your account.
To give you a good overview of some of the new changes, let\’s hit some highlights:

  1. All Business Hosting clients are migrating to a physically separate platform from our Basic Hosting clients.  This is crucial as the lower security that our Basic Hosting clients operate at can frequently impact our Business Hosting clients.  For example, if a Basic Hosting client\’s website gets attacked and hacked, the resulting performance degradation will affect all websites hosted on the same physical server, regardless if they are a Business or a Basic Hosting client.  By moving our Business clients to a separate platform, we are ensuring that our better secured and protected websites are not affected by issues with other client\’s sites.
  2. We are adding a CDN (Content Delivery Network) service for all our Business Hosting clients.  A CDN stores copies of certain media files (like pictures) at many servers around the world, and uses those copies to display to a visitor to your site depending on where they are located.  By checking for a visitors geographical location, the CDN can choose the server that is closest to your visitor, thus speeding up the connection to your website.
  3. We are also offering a website optimizer.  Many websites have CSS, HTML and JS scripts that aren\’t written very efficiently, often because they are a bit older and don\’t take advantage of some of the new coding techniques that are available.  The new website optimizer will optimize those scripts on the fly, reducing the size of the script and thus the amount of time it takes a visitor to load them in their browser.  This all equals a fast website load as well!
  4. Security is being seriously boosted for our Business hosting clients as well.  By working with CloudFlare we will be protecting against a wide range of attacks, such as SQL injection attacks and DOS (Denial of Service) attacks.  Protecting against DOS attacks has become a very important part of hosting, but is very difficult for most hosting companies to offer to their client without expensive hardare and large data center capacity.  By teaming up with CloudFlare, we can take advantage of their massive global server network to mitigate these attacks.

The clients that we have been testing this new platform with are reporting a much faster and more reliable experience for their website and clients.  Are you hosted with our Business Hosting package?  If not, get in touch with our team today and we\’ll help you through the process!

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