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New iPads arriving today

The new Apple iPad is being launched today. Not the new Apple iPad 3 – JUST the new Apple iPad. It\’s a little heavier, and has retina display. But bottom line, it\’s being sold because the perception of Apple as a monumentally sexy, attractive, and life enhancing production and software offering organization is going to drive those sales. So, you know the share price will go up, and people will stand in line ONCE AGAIN.
The product doesn\’t do a whole lot more, but it does tell the rest of us that, to be perfectly honest, technology has to become much more sexy, much more desirable, much more pleasurable. Before the productivity and profitability elements are answered, we have to find a way to crack through it. That means make things even simpler, more straight forward, easily understood, instantly digestible the minute you look at it. \”Oh, I get it!\”
And Apple has succeeded like nobody else on that particular front.

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