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New Old News or Old New News?

There is a major security vulnerability in Adobe Flash / Reader that is being actively exploited. Hmmm, that sounds familiar. Sorry to have to say – there is another one which was announced on Friday. You can find out more here.
Here is another announcement that will seem familiar – this Tuesday\’s patch cycle from Microsoft will be a BIG one – 34 vulnerabilities fixed – at least three of which are critical. Make sure everyone gets updated.
Here is some more news that\’s not new. Smartphones are about to become the next frontier for malware. There\’s an app for that!
In keeping with this theme, here is something that is (not) news – Internal fraud is a problem that continues to grow. Small businesses are especially vulnerable because they often do not have anti-fraud controls in place. Look for an upcoming article on preventing fraud in small businesses.
Well, that\’s the recycled old news / new news. Why do we keep treading in the same circles? Because the bad guys are still bad and we just don\’t pay enough attention to protecting ourselves. The next time you are face-to-face with an SME client, spend a little time talking about security.
Dennis H in West Virginia, US
June 7, 2010

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