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New Scareware E-Mail Uses Warnings in an Attempt to Scam Money

\"\"The Canadian Anti-Fraud Centre has issued a warning about scareware messages saying a computer is associated with child pornography and demanding money to fix the problem. The government agencies insist they NEVER send out e-mails to that effect, and are encouraging people to not fall for the scams.
As of late, they appear to be targeting Prince Edward Island, but these scams always move around.
\”Over the past couple of weeks, some Islanders have received pop-up messages on their computers claiming to be from the RCMP or CSIS or the federal government of Canada, and they state that the computer is involved somehow with child pornography,\” said Sgt. Andrew Blackadar. \”These pop-up messages, if people click on them, will actually lock up people\’s computers.\”
This type of scam is known as Social Engineering, and they are designed to cause an emotional response, leading some to click malicious links without thinking twice.
If you think an email or pop-up is suspicious, trust your instincts, and take a moment to second guess things. It could save you and your computer a lot of unnecessary grief.

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