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Our New Mail System: Part 1

The primary benefit of our new mail system is the added performance and redundancy provided in our new hardware setup. Availability is the single most important features that our entire team works toward every day.
Increased performance results in shorter queue times. While the mail queues on our old system rarely backed up, this was becoming a more common issue in the past months, and our new system completely resolves this issue. In addition, with the new platform that we are running on, adding extra capacity is managed quite quickly.
Our new system is much more scalable and flexible, allowing us to plug in new servers to help with load issues or hardware crashes. Spooling up a new server for our old mail platform took weeks to accomplish, while our new platform allows for this in mere hours. Thus, even in a worst-case scenario we can have a replacement server running within hours. The best news, however, is that the possibilities for catastrophic hardware failure are now greatly reduced.
We don\’t expect you to take our word for it. We ourselves don\’t know the future, and can only work as hard as we can to put the best systems in place to prevent any future failure. We\’ve hired a outside company to monitor our systems, and we encourage you to see what they say about our uptime and availability. Check out their results at!

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