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Print From Any Device to Any Internet-Connected Printer

Are you looking to print from your computer or laptop to a remote printer at the office, at home, or a friend\’s printer? There are several services that offer the ability to do this, including Google Cloud Print.
The video from Google Cloud Print should give you a better idea of what we\’re talking about.

Another service that offers similar features is PrinterShare. According to their website, \”you can print documents and photos on other people\’s printers as easily as on the one connected to your machine. No special technical knowledge is required from both – printer owner and user. It just works!\”
Alternatively, there is UniPrint. It allows you to \”seamlessly print to their connected printers from anywhere in the computing cloud.\”
Another option is the e-print functionality built into many HP printers. It allows you to setup an email account, and any email attachments sent to that email address will be printed on your HP printer.

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