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Save Money By Removing Technology You Are Not Using

[thanks to Nerd Jason Russell for inspiring this post]
Does your company have a messy closet full of cables, servers, and other technology. Are you certain that you\’re using all of that technology to it\’s full potential? Do you have appliances using power, or not being used anymore, but still taking up space?
Are you paying for an internet connection or other service that you\’re not using anymore?
Jason Russell sent us a great story about one of his clients that is worth sharing:
\”At a recent Server install [in Mississauga], Gordon Pratt and I ran into a few hours of downtime while waiting for a response from another IT provider about the network.
During this downtime, we started a minor cable cleanup job that ended with:
– 1 ADSL internet connection not being used ($200/Month)
– 2 Servers (Firewall + Asterisk type server) NOT IN USE
By removing these service costs as well as dead servers we saved the client a ton of money in Bell service charges, heating, cooling and UPS battery replacements.\”
We encourage all businesses to have their technology evaluated by Nerds On Site to determine how we can save your company money, and clean up/organize your technology in the process!
Saving this much money per month / per year we are most certainly an obvious technology partner looking our for THEIR business. Much more to come with these guys!

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