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Second Career for Retired Military Personnel

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Excellent Second Career Opportunity for Retired Military Personnel

As an established and trusted IT Managed Service Provider (MSP) with an expanding footprint across the United States, Nerds On Site is always looking to add top talent to our growing team. We want the best and brightest and we believe many of those people can be found among the community of retired military personnel. It’s a perfect match. Many retired Armed Forces personnel, from all echelons, are looking for a second career. Some for a substantial second income, some to make some mad money and others just as a way to keep busy through all the productive years that remain, as many retire relatively young. Mostly they are looking for flexibility, and that is one of the many benefits working for an MSP can provide. The fit is there. In fact, G.I. listed IT #3 on their “25 Hot Jobs for Veterans 2018.”

Different Uniform, Same Kind of Person Inside – Easy Skills Transfer

While it is highly unlikely that a veteran would be asked to fire artillery, co-ordinate aid distribution to a country in need, provide the Color Guard for visiting dignitaries or, you know, safeguard our sovereignty and defend our freedom in his or her new civilian IT position, many of the soft skills that make excellent military personnel are the same as those we believe make excellent IT professionals. We know the traits that make up a great IT pro, and research into the opinions of what makes a good soldier showed the lists are long and very similar. Topping the charts is strong communications skills, essential in any military operation and just as important in IT. You can know everything there is to know about network security, but if you can’t communicate it effectively to a client, up and down their command structure in language they’ll understand, you won’t get very far. Another important and shared trait is adaptability. In the Forces, as in the IT world, no one day is like the next. Things can change moment to moment so you need to be able to roll with the punches, assess the new situation, and quickly come up with your plan of attack. So, good under pressure is another common trait along with:

  • Excellent problem-solving skills
  • Good decision-making – often under pressure and time constraints
  • Team player but self-starter
  • Inquisitive and teachable
  • Patient
  • Enthusiastic
  • Trustworthy

This last one is especially important. An IT professional is often “holder of the keys.” He or she may have access to highly sensitive data so integrity is a must. All of these commonalities illustrate how relatively simple the transition from a life in the military to a life in the field of IT can be.

Don’t Have to Be a Techie to Be a Nerd

Any good Managed Service Company will employ a range of specialties, not all of which require deep technical knowledge. Everyone brings their own, unique skill set to the table. Whether it’s sales and customer service or pure IT expertise, there are roles that make the best use of your skills. Sales and Customer Service Nerds go out and find the clients and co-ordinate the technical services. They are all about people, about developing and growing relationships. They may not have all the answers, but they certainly know where to get them. From the techie Nerds. There is no problem to big for these Nerds to solve and they always show bravery in the face of tech panic. The great thing about being part of a team with such a breadth of knowledge is there is always someone to ask.

Great Veterans Benefits

The 2 greatest benefits of taking the skills veterans already have and transferring them to the world of Nerds On Site are the flexibility it provides and the support you get from being backed by the entire Nerds network. Every Nerd is an independent contractor. Nerds work for themselves, but not by themselves. They have access to the knowledge and expertise of the entire world-wide Nerds team. They enjoy the flexibility of working from home and putting in the hours they want to put in. Nerds On Site lets you get out of it what you want to put in to it. You can work part time to sock away that vacation money, or dive right in full-time and start earning a substantial income on top of your Veterans Retirement Pay. Be the Nerd you want to be, knowing that whatever your commitment, the Nerds team will be behind you all the way.
Transitioning from military to civilian life upon retirement from the Armed Forces can present many challenges. Perhaps the biggest question is “what do I do next?” With the skills that veterans already possess being so relevant to the IT industry, the best answer might just be, “Be a Nerd.”

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