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Secure Email Passwords

Nerds On Site is working towards providing a secure email platform for all of our shared hosting clients. We are on a drive to convert all our clients to use SSL-secured mail connections only, and to use only strong passwords. Strong passwords make it much more difficult for hackers to get into your email account and send email in your name. Of course, a strong password also makes it much harder for competitors or thieves to read your email.
Password Complexity Rules:
Our password policy requires that our clients\’ email passwords are at least 8 characters long, and that it contain at least one uppercase letter, one lowercase letter and one number. Symbols are allowed but not required. The length of the password can be as long as you want. (We\’ve tested up to 64 characters, so feel free to use Steve Gibson\’s password generator:
Password Change Tutorial:
We\’ve created a simple 3-step tutorial for our clients to reset their email password. They can see this tutorial under the \’Tutorial\’ section in their account at, or you can visit it directly at

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