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Secure Email Passwords

About two years ago, Nerds On Site implemented a strong password policy for all our email users.  Because of todays technology it\’s become trivial to \”crack\” weak passwords, it\’s too easy for malicious software and people to take control of email accounts – this means someone could send emails from your account without your knowledge. By strengthening your password, you\’re reducing the risk.
It\’s easy to reset your password – go to and enter your email address and current password.  Once you\’re logged in, the system will prompt you for a new, stronger password – the system will let you know if it\’s a good password or not. Try to chose something that will be easy to remember, or maybe write it down in a safe place (Hint: don\’t leave it taped to the side of your screen.)
If you use Outlook, or Mac Mail, or another email client on your computer, you will need to update it to use the new password you\’ve just chosen.
To help you with this, here\’s a step-by-step video to guide you.

For fun, do you wonder just how weak your current password is? Check out security guru, Steve Gibson\’s password tester:
Remember, strong passwords don\’t guarantee that your email won\’t get hacked, but it is a big step towards better protection.
Here\’s an amusing article about just how weak (and common) some password are:

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