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ATM fraud continues to grow. Take a close look at that ATM machine before you feed it your card. This bank in Texas lost $200,000 to this scam.
Here is a social-networking risk you may not have considered. Hackers may attack your friends if you have access to sensitive data and visit social networking sites.
If you are a Chrome user, make sure you are up to date.
Have I mentioned the importance of keeping browser add-ons up to date? Here is an article about the exploit packs that can be purchased and installed on compromised websites. These exploit packs send barrage of attempted exploits at your browser. If one does not work, the nest one may. It is effective – many of these vulnerabilities have long-since been fixed, but there will always be some folks who are not up to date.
100% accurate spam filtering? Well, for the time being, anyway – turning the spammers dirty tricks against them.
Who pays when a bank account is compromised? There are a number of pending cases in which the account holder has filed suit against the bank for not maintaining adequate security, but this Texas bank has preemptively sued the account holder.
Dennis H in West Virginia, US
January 27, 2010

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