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\"\"Tomorrow is Patch Tuesday (again). This is going to be another big one – 13 patches, 5 of which are critical.
Here is another reason that access to commercial bank accounts should be limited to computers that are used for nothing else. Online bank accounts should NOT be accessed by computers used for general-purpose web surfing! Having a dedicated computer may seem like an extreme measure, but not to the City of Poughkeepsie, NY (at least not now)!! Instead of retiring that old desktop or laptop, install a hardened and restricted version of Linux and make it the only computer that has access to bank accounts.
We all love those Firefox add-ons, but watch out for the ones in the \”experimental\” section – user beware.
Made in China? That may be a reason to think twice when it comes to hardware.
\"\"Think banks and retailers are the biggest target for hackers? Think again – think hotels and the hospitality industry. For those of you who have hotel clients, this is worth bringing to their attention.
Why should employers invest in the technology and your services to make SURE P2P and social networking are not part of the workplace? Show them this and this.
Think the dangers of public wifi are limited to the time you are connected to them? Then you MUST read this.
This has NOTHING to do with security, and I by no means want to encourage anything you consider a bad habit, but some or you will consider this good news – beer is good for your bones (but too much of it may lead to breaking them).
Dennis H in West Virginia, US
February 09, 2010

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