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Set up an iTunes Allowance for Your Kids

Most young people today have some sort of mobile device, be it an iPhone, iPad, or otherwise. In some cases, their parents cover the cost, and want to keep their kids accountable to what is being spent on things like apps and music. Setting up an iTunes Allowance can do that.
This can be done in the form of iTunes gift cards, or simply having an agreement with their children about how much can be spent on a weekly or monthly basis.
Did you know you can give your kids an iTunes \”allowance\” without having to keep buying them cards on an on-going basis, or having to let them use your credit card (if you don\’t let Apple keep your information on file?  The answer is to give them an iTunes Allowance.
\”An iTunes Allowance gives you an easy way to allow your kids to get store credit to spend on iTunes every month,\” says an article on \”You can select an amount from $10-$50 in increments of $10.  You also have a few choices for giving and configuring their allowance.\”
There is quite a bit of flexibility with an iTunes Allowance. It can be set up to charge your credit card on a specific day of the month, and it will show up as pre-paid credit on your kids\’ accounts, so they aren\’t using your account.
\”It will show up as a credit on their accounts, so they know exactly how much they have to spend. Allowances can also be cancelled at any time by selecting “Manage Allowances” in your account information section and following the instructions.\”
More information can be found on Apple\’s website.

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