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Shaw Introduces New Internet Packages – the Highlights

There has been quite a bit of talk on Twitter about Shaw\’s new internet packages, which will begin rolling out next month. Many of the tweets are positive and feel Shaw is making the appropriate changes to their network, while being fair to their customers, and enforcing usage caps in a respectful way. You can almost hear the sighs of relief from those who were afraid what would result from Usage Based Billing, as far as Shaw\’s offerings, anyway.
These changes address the huge concern of Usage Based Billing (UBB) that has been in the news for months, and is a very controversial issue. Many on Twitter seem to agree that the new plans put Shaw ahead of the other providers in Canada, and shows that they have truly listened and are responding to the concerns many have voiced.
It will be very interesting to see how other providers react to this.
A couple of quotes from Shaw\’s website:
\”Customers can choose to stay with their existing packaging and pricing except with much higher data levels. Our existing acceptable use policy will remain the same as it is today.\” note: this essentially means that when Shaw feels customers are abusing their internet connection, they\’ll get warned and eventually cut off.
\”Those who go over their data consumption will be placed in the next higher package for the remainder of the month. The following month\’s data will be reset and customers will return to their original package unless they choose to stay at the higher level.\”
Shaw customers can now track how much data they are using by signing into their online accounts.
Here are some of the tweets:
via @britl: There is no per GB charge in any of the new pricing. #shaw #ubb

via @wunderbar: This is pretty good, very surprised. #shaw seems to actually have almost nailed it. #ubb
via @wunderbar: @T_Baggins current plans will be increased, but new plans will go from 400GB to unlimited. 400GB for the same price as Extreme now. #shaw
via @M_KWAD: Very imp. Speeds -price not so much RT @gregobr With #Shaw\’s new broadband plans, the pressure on #Rogers, #Telus, #Bell will be big #UBB.
via @OpenMedia_ca: #shaw increasing caps & offering unlimited over 17 months. They say they\’re doing it by replacing analog tv with digital.
via @camson5: Congrats to #Shaw in for finally listening to Canadians – ups bandwidth cap and provides unlimited options! Also huge speed increases coming.
via @missmyla_: I have to admit, #Shaw\’s new plans are actually quite surprising… Not down w/ forcing TV subscription part, but still progress. #UBB

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