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Slowly Migrating All Our Clients to An SSL-Only Mail System

[thanks to Nerds Hosting team leader Jonathan Arnoldussen for this post]
In the tech industry, we are all used to Best Practices. Here are the Best Practices for our mail system. Clients that aren\’t using them have no reason to panic. We aren\’t enforcing these at this time, and we will let you know well in advance. However, you should be aware of them, and your Nerd should be updating these settings as they visit you. You may wonder what\’s different about these settings, and the answer is SSL. We are trying to slowly migrate all our clients to a SSL-only mail system.
Incoming Mail Server:
SSL: yes
Port: 995
Incoming Mail Server:
SSL: yes
Port: 993
Outgoing Mail Server:
SSL: yes
Port: 465
Outgoing authentication must be turned on.
Again, don\’t panic. We\’ll let you know WELL in advance before non-SSL mail is disabled. You should know, however, that IMAP will be the first to go, since it is used by the least number of clients, and many of them are already setup using SSL.

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