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\"\"Green is good, but not for security. Here is an example of why turning off computers at night can save a few dollars in power costs, but at a much higher cost. Turning off computers can prevent updates from installing correctly.
Watch out for Chuck (Norris, that is). This malware target routers, rather than computers. Make sure t default passwords are not used and that remote administration is turned off (duh). The good news is that a reboot will send Chuck packing.
Did you know that Windows 7 has a new feature that allows it to act as a wi-fi client and as a wi-fi access point at the same time? The result is a bridged network. Think about the security implicationsof that.
There is a new zero-day exploit in Firefox 3.6.
There is also an issue with Adobe Dowload Manger that yo should know about.
The Kneber botnet is major new threat that is reported to have infected more than 74,000 computers. It is a Zeus variant a may work cooperatively with Zeus.
On the other hand, this new Russian botnet tries to kill the rival botnet Zeus.
Finally, I have written about ATM fraud several times, but check out the numbers in this article.. ATM fraud is a serous problem costing banks millions. Take a close look before you put in that card!
Dennis H in West Virginia, US
February 23, 2010

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