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Spear Phishing and How To Protect Yourself and Your Business

Spear phishing\” attacks such as the one that recently hit the Canadian federal government are on the rise. Invest 5 minutes to learn more about the risks of spear phishing and how best to protect yourself and your business.
According to the Waterloo Security website: \”These attempts try to lure the victims to a fake web site set up by the criminals. The fake sites look authentic in order to convince the victim to offer personal information by way of a data entry form. For example, when they try to \”log in\”.
No legitimate institution will EVER ask for your login credentials or credit card information by email. So if you receive an email like that, it\’s a scam, no matter how real it seems.
The only time you will receive emails from reputable companies, like banks, is when you have directly requested your password be reset. Those emails are ok, if you\’re expecting them. If you\’re not and you get one, delete it.

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