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Spring Clean

Spring is here and the TO DO list is getting longer. Organize the garage, clean out the attic, weed the garden, clean up the computer… the computer?! Absolutely!
Besides the “dust bunnies” that are likely hibernating inside, there could also be viruses, malware and several unneeded files that are slowing your machine down.
Nerds On Site has got some solutions that will make computer systems run like new!
Have us visit to help with the spring cleaning – we will:
1. Scan the computer for Spyware and other forms of Malware. Spyware infects computer systems, hinders performance and threatens security.
2. Defrag the hard drive. Information can often be stored in multiple spots on the physical disk. Defragging works to move these fragmented files closer together on the hard drive reducing the amount of time the computer spends accessing each individual piece of data.
\"\"3. Clean up clutter. Cookie “crumbs” and the browsers cache often result in a slower running computer. Many browsers retain copies of websites visited for quick access during log on and cookies remember personal information. This can all place a burden on systems and clearing that information can encourage speedier performance. Clean up the system tray or taskbar on the bottom right corner of your screen. Those little icons are programs that automatically start up when you turn on your computer. Remove or turn off unnecessary ones with a right click of the mouse. Organize files, pictures and MP3s Documents, Photos and Music folders to keep them organized and eliminate the clutter on your desktop.
\"\"4. Remove all unused programs. If programs are not being used and there are no intentions of using them, just uninstall them. The more programs you run in the background while you work, the more RAM is needed to keep them running smoothly. Many programs run in the background even when not in use. Removal helps important programs run faster.
\"\"Right now, Nerds On Site is offering a Spring cleaning special, for $137.50, to help get your computer in squeaky clean condition.
Nerds On Site relieves the burden of tech problems giving people more time to do what they love!
While Nerds On Site cannot help organize garages, they can provide a variety of tech solutions. Nerds can offer system clean ups, network updates, software upgrades, etc. No matter the issue, local Nerds are the gateway to a network of Nerds worldwide with solutions to IT predicaments.
John Harbarenko
May 21, 2010

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