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SSL for Email? Why Bother?

Our team is constantly pushing our Nerds and our clients to only use SSL secured connections for their email. (Sometimes we can be a bit too push, and we\’re sorry for that.) Why bother? Why use SSL for your email? Aren\’t the default settings good enough?
When you use a standard POP connection to download your email (the most popular method still in use), your username and password is sent in cleartext across the Internet. This means that anyone using the same wireless connection as you, or the same network as you, or watching traffic at your ISP, or anyone in a position to see your Internet traffic can clearly read your username and password. With this information, they can easily read all your email as well.
Don\’t think anyone would do that to you? A hacker may not want to get this information from you in order to learn about your or your business, but increasingly they want this information so that they can use your account to send spam. By using your legitimate username and password, they can send out much more spam before having to move on to another address. Commtouch researchers claim that cyber criminals are focusing on acquiring as many compromised email accounts as possible.
What does an SSL connection do for you? It encrypts your email traffic so that it cannot be read at any point between your computer and the mail server that you are using. This is a free technology, and available with all mainstream email clients. To know which settings to use with Nerds On Site hosting, please check this article: To view some tutorials on how to setup your email account with us, please see our tutorial section: If you want more information, please contact our team today:

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