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4 steps for Conficker peace

If you\’re confused about all the Conficker chatter everywhere, as an SME (Small & Medium Enterprise) owner or home user there are some simple steps you can take to be safe. Rest assured, if these instructions sound too complicated, we\’re happy to help with these issues either on-site or remotely through the magic of the telephone and screen-sharing technology.
These four steps are important to take no matter what your situation is! Think of them like taking your immunizations before you travel to a developing nation. The Internet IS a developing nation!

  1. Backup your Data. There are all sorts of backup options available, including ours, called where you can easily sign up and have your important data backed up.
  2. Keep Windows Update up-to-date. This often over-looked step is actually quite simple, most of the time. On most computers, you can simply click the Start Menu, and you will see \”Windows Update\”. Choose that option, and then follow on-screen details.
  3. Have a reputable Anti-virus program. Our team has the most confidence with NOD32 which you can purchase through Nerds On Site, of course.
  4. Implement OpenDNS. DNS is the \”phone book\” of the Internet. The key to Conficker is its ability to \”phone home\” for new instructions. Of course it uses the Internet\’s phone book, so even if you were to be infected, using OpenDNS can thwart its ability to expand.  We can help with this, too.

If you have an internal IT department, they may have already implemented these steps or should be able to follow them quite successfully.
If you wish to check to see if you are infected, you can simply download Microsoft\’s Removal Tool here:
If you would like an on-site visit or a telephone call with remote support, simply dial the toll-free number in your country or request support online at:
Update: Thanks for the mention of this blog by Mike Stubbs at AM1290 CJBK on the air today

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