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Study Suggests Clients Base Their Buying Decisions on Value, Not on Price!

Results of a Harvard study proved that buyers who initially objected to price eventually made their buying decision on non-price factors.
Now that\’s what we at Nerds On Site want to hear! So what do buyers value more than price?
#7: Immediately noticing problems
Don\’t wait for the client to figure out you\’ve missed a delivery date. Step up and tell them early!
#6: Easy to understand communications
\”Dumb down\” your communications into easy to understand language. Clients don\’t have the time or patience to figure out what you\’re trying to say. Forget the jargon – speak English!
#5: Product/industry knowledge
Making sure you know everything there is to know about YOUR products and services is a given. You can add even more value when you share industry knowledge! Help them be better at what they do!
#4: Breadth and depth of offerings
Don\’t you appreciate it when you can go to one place and have all your needs fulfilled? Like my grocery store where I can buy flowers, wine, cigars (hardly) and have my dry cleaning done. Take the time to notice gaps in your offerings and figure out how you can bridge them!
#3: Understanding the uniqueness of each client
Even if your clients all sell the same thing (i.e., chocolates) there\’s something different about each one of them. Take specific differences into account for each client.
#2: Reliability, dependability, consistency
Nothing screams – I CARE – more than always doing what you say you\’re going to do, when you say you\’re going to do it! Say it, do it, prove it.
#1: A relationship built on trust, honesty and integrity
Clients will support you in any number of ways once you\’ve proven that you\’re in it for them, and have their best interests at hear.

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