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Sustainable Building Education Program

This year we’re starting a new program at the Dragonfly Community Foundation with some expert help from abroad. We’re pleased to have two engineers joining us from America to work in conjunction with a Thai assistant to prepare and run a seminar program to teach sustainability to local community groups here in Thailand. They will travel around the country giving seminars on sustainable building techniques, including cob and adobe (two different mud-building techniques) and bamboo design. They’ll not only teach how to handle materials and construct a building, they’ll also teach people how to do easy digital design and make simple engineering calculations for weight and load capabilities.
Sustainability is important in all facets of life, including both economics and environment. Buildings made from affordable materials and that can be made and repaired easily by owner-builders allow people to build without falling into debts which damage personal and community economies. Mud bricks are sturdy and low in embodied energy as they’re sun-dried, not kiln-fired. They can break down naturally back to the state from which they came and introduce no toxins into the environment. Bamboo, grass thatch, and other renewable resources keep mining for cement to a minimum and limit logging for building materials.
We hope this program will teach and inspire people all over the country to work towards sustainable living in Thailand.
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