Why You Should Use Online Virus Scanners

By now, we’ve all learned that having a reliable antivirus program on our computers – at work or home – is a must. Countless new threats are released online every single day, which is made evident by the on-going virus database updates we see happen on a continuous basis. That being said, it’s important to get a second opinion to ensure your system is virus-free

Eight Ways to Keep Your Small Business Secure

If you own and operate a small business, lowering costs is an important part of keeping your company in the black. Cutting costs on your IT budget could inadvertently compromise your company’s security. Even though small businesses may not have all of the resources that large corporations do, they are still just as vulnerable to the same security threats. Here are ways to help secure your small business:

Anti-Virus: Free vs Paid – What's Right For Your Business?

One of our Nerds noticed a conversation on Twitter the other day about a specific free anti-virus product in use at a small business. The Nerd felt inclined to mention that free isn’t always better. More accurately, depending on a business’s needs, a paid anti-virus designed for enterprises is actually a must!
We felt inspired by that conversation to further explain why we feel this way.