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How to Make Your Passwords More Secure

Your business’s security is only as good as the passwords protecting it. If your company practices poor password hygiene, it’s easy for attackers to gain access to sensitive information, data, and even finances. Creating strong, unique passwords is necessary for every account (business or personal) you set up. Using insecure passwords (like “password”) or using …

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How to Make Your Passwords More Secure

The pursuit of better passwords is a constant uphill battle that we continually educate clients about. One of the biggest obstacles is that we\’re all human, and we\’re habitual by nature, so if we don\’t train ourselves to use more secure passwords, we often find ourselves using insecure passwords instead because they are easy to remember and we assume no one will ever guess them.

Tired of Telling Guests Your WiFi Password? Use a QR Code Instead!

We have all found ourselves asking our friends and family, and even businesses, what their WiFi password is. Sometimes it\’s really simple (which defeats the purpose), and it\’s no hassle at all (for us, or those who want unauthorized access), other times, it\’s a pain. The Next Web has a very cool article on how to generate a QR code for guests to scan with their phones to make the experience much more pleasant!

Help Resolve Minor Issues with Your Computer By Creating a List of Annoyances

Want to help your I.T. department better understand how you use your workstation, and some of the issues that annoy you on a daily basis? Create a list! We all have a list in our heads of the little things that bug us when we use our computers. For the most part, we put up with it and accept it as something we can\’t do anything about, or we figure the I.T. department is too busy with other things to worry about it.

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