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Tired of Hotmail? How to Switch to Another Email Provider

Many web-based email services, like Hotmail, or the account you have with your internet service provider, are very limited in space, have spam problems, and generally aren\’t very pleasant to use. In addition, when the inbox does fill up (with your internet service provider), you may not even notice you\’ve reached your storage limit. As far as you\’re concerned, you\’re not receiving new email, and possible getting complaints from people that they are getting \’return to sender\’ responses.

10 Ways ISPs are Finding Bandwidth Hogs

[thanks to one of our readers, Christine K. for sharing this with us]
\”Describing a bandwidth hog is a matter of point-of-view and here is more to it than simple computations of amounts of usage. If someone uses a lot of bandwidth, but does so in off-peak hours, is that person any more of a hog than another user who uses less bandwidth but does so during peak usage hours? ISP’s are making big noises about bandwidth hogs, but some feel that is just a cover for raising rates. Price increases are seemingly inevitable, and, of course, it will be the consumer who bears the brunt of any price increase. Below are some of the debate points, along with a few ideas on more equitable distribution of costs.\”

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