Shared Hosting Attacks

Since February 6, our shared hosting platform was under constant attack by malicious users intent on taking down our server. In the past two days, we suffered many hours of downtime as our team battled this issue.
In the world of web development, two Content Management Systems (CMS) are very popular: WordPress and Joomla. Both are so popular that they are common targets of hackers, and both have many known vulnerabilities. It is crucial to keep your WordPress and Joomla site updated with the latest patches as they are released by Joomla and WordPress. This prevents hackers from having easy access to your site.

Joomla Tip #2

One of the nicest things about having a Joomla website is the infinite number of plug-ins that are developed and offered. Whether you want something simple like a Google Map showing the location of your business or a Image Scroller most often than not there is a plug-in available.. Sometimes you do have to invest…