Google Apps vs. Microsoft Office 365

The University of Berkeley recently chose between the two giants in the cloud office space – Google and Microsoft. Nerds On Site offers both Google Apps and Microsoft Office 365 (resold from AppRiver) and thought we’d share some of the University’s work on this comparison. There are two major offerings because one solution doesn’t fit everyone’s needs.

Use Outlook? Use the Auto-Preview, not the Reading Pane

If you are using Outlook (any version), and you have managed to reset the security level for e-mails, There are two things you need to do to help prevent malicious emails from affecting your computer. The first step is to turn the ‘Reading Pane’ ‘Off’, then turn the ‘Auto-Preview’ on, which will only displays the first three lines of the message, which should be enough to tell if the email is safe to read or simply junk.