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A QNAP NerdCare Leads to an Ecstatic Client!

Although we certainly sell computer and other components to our clients, ideally we encourage clients to have us support their equipment as well, rather than only being called when problems occur, or clients attempt to resolve things themselves and only call us when something frustrates them enough. One of the ways we support our clients is through NerdCare Assurance Plans and our NerdCare Support Team.

Why Should Your Business Have a Needs Assessment Done?

For us Nerds, the reasons for a Needs Assessment seem almost self evident: the client is not entirely happy with their technology situation and is seeking guidance. I have a client who is contemplating merging part of their infrastructure with one or two other organizations. This client sees the value in doing a Needs Assessment …

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Are you up-to-date with WordPress

WordPress has recently released version 3.4 to it\’s users. This is critical to the safety of your website as most updates often address potential security issues. But in this case they have made significant improvements to optimize and enhance the WordPress functionality within your website. Therefore creating a better user experience for those navigating to …

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Help Resolve Minor Issues with Your Computer By Creating a List of Annoyances

Want to help your I.T. department better understand how you use your workstation, and some of the issues that annoy you on a daily basis? Create a list! We all have a list in our heads of the little things that bug us when we use our computers. For the most part, we put up with it and accept it as something we can\’t do anything about, or we figure the I.T. department is too busy with other things to worry about it.

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