A New Level of Transparency and Trust

Nerds On Site has maintained a Trust Site for quite some time now, which is powered by Pingdom and provides realtime availability statistics for our shared hosting platform.  We’ve now upgraded our Trust Site to include a breaking email alert system.  Once you subscribe to this system you will get instant and breaking status alerts…

The New Face of Trust

For quite some time, we at Nerds On Site have been proclaiming how important it is for a hosting company to share it’s availability statistics. Well, we’ve taken another step forward in this front, and have recently launched our new site! Fully redesigned, our site now offers live statistics. Previously, our site only displayed…

Downtime in 2010

2010 saw plenty of high-profile outages for social media sites like Twitter, Facebook and free hosting services, as well as at least four major outages for e-commerce services. There were also incidents that knocked government services offline for days. Read a full accounting of 2010’s major outages: