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Tired of Telling Guests Your WiFi Password? Use a QR Code Instead!

We have all found ourselves asking our friends and family, and even businesses, what their WiFi password is. Sometimes it\’s really simple (which defeats the purpose), and it\’s no hassle at all (for us, or those who want unauthorized access), other times, it\’s a pain. The Next Web has a very cool article on how to generate a QR code for guests to scan with their phones to make the experience much more pleasant!

Every Yacht needs WiFi – just like Bluenose II

Of course our team is proud (Mauricio D and Jonathan L from Nova Scotia) to have installed WiFi on this gorgeous yacht – the Bluenose II And we thank our client, of course, for the business! Update/Clarification from Mauricio: The Wifi installed at the Bluenose site is not actually inside the Bluenose. The WiFi installed …

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Alberta SouthWest Public WiFi Project

We just uploaded new photos to the Facebook fan page about our FREE Public WiFi Project with Alberta SouthWest. You can see the map below, which shows the region and how many towns are involved (Current and not installed). You an also see the Splash Page that Chris Rose (a Nerd in St. Johns, Newfoundland) created.

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