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Targeted Attacks On Small Business Are Growing

[thanks to Nerd Dennis Houseknecht for this post]
SME\’s often think that they are not targets for cyber-attacks. Over the past few years, most attacks have been aimed at banks and large retailers, but this is changing. Like the rest of the world, the bad guys like to look for the low-hanging fruit. As banks and retailers become more aware of the risks, they are spending large sums of money on security.
SME\’s just cannot afford to spend thousands on security, and the bad guys are shifting their attention to smaller businesses and learning to target their attacks. Unfortunately, the emphasis on social media makes this much easier. Seemingly harmless information about the business and the people who work there can be used to craft social engineering attacks.
Recently, there has been a sharp rise in \”spear-phishing\” attacks.
The \”commoditization\” of malware has also given rise to new wave of smaller and more difficult to detect botnets.
Now, more than ever, SMEs need help securing their networks, developing security policies, and educating their employees about the increasing and constantly-evolving risks.

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