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Targeted Spam Attacks Are On the Rise

[this post is from Dennis Houseknecht, a Nerd in West Virgina]
According to a recent study from Cisco:
\”After the 2010 cybercrime turning point, when spam levels started to decline for the first time, this trend continued throughout 2011, a trend, according to analysts, can be explained mainly by several key botnet takedowns throughout the last two years. However, the number of vulnerabilities increased; there are fewer widespread attacks but greater numbers of smaller, more focused attacks.\”
– The \”good news\”: there has been a significant reduction in unsolicited bulk spam
– The \”bad news\”: because cyber criminals have figured out that the ROI on bulk spam has gone down as users, especially business users, become more aware. The trend is now TARGETED spam – which provides a greater ROI for criminals. Targeted attacks are more dangerous and are INCREASING.
– The \”more bad news\”: Younger employees have a more cavalier attitude toward IT policies – 7 out of 10 \”frequently ignore IT policies\”.
– The \”the worse news\”: 1 out of 4 of these young employees is a victim of identity theft before the age of 30. That is a stunning statistic, and one that should get the attention of employers.
You can read more in this Business Day article.
You can read the Business Day article at:

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