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The Difference between Consumer Routers and Business Routers

\"\" As your business grows, if you have more than a few people or devices connected to your network at a time, you may notice your internet getting slower, or video cutting out or \”buffering\” as it struggles to squeeze it\’s way from the internet to your computer. This may be due to using network equipment that simply wasn\’t designed for the demands being put on it.
If you\’re using equipment that resembles what you\’re using at home, it\’s time to upgrade. It\’s a worthwhile investment to help your business\’s network keep up with your growing business needs.
\"\"Since consumer-grade equipment isn\’t designed for a business environment, it will struggle to keep up, which puts stress on it, which in turn means it won\’t last as long as intended. It will need to be replaced sooner, costing you more money, and causing you and your employees frustration.
Although business-grade routers and other equipment cost more upfront, they provide enhanced security for your network, and increase performance, resulting in more productivity, and one less thing to worry about. So over the long term, your business will get more value, you\’ll get more work done, and your networkwill be better protected from threats.

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