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The difficulty with email delivery reliability

97% of emails attempted to be delivered today are unwanted. SPAM.
Think of each mail server as a Mailman or Mailwoman or Mailperson. One of the methods of fighting SPAM is to assign each Mailperson a reputation. This is done through third parties, often referred to as Blacklists. There are many of them.
Today in Ontario, Canada we have a major national Internet Service Provider having difficulty with delivery of email because one of their outgoing mail servers has gained a negative reputation. To check up-to-date status, you can view this link safely:
If you are one of the affected customers of Sympatico (or other ISPs with similar experiences today), we know there are highly-specialized folks working on getting de-listed, which will get the reputation back to a positive standing. If it\’s the only source you can email from, all you can do is wait, unfortunately.
An additional important note, we noticed a few years ago that major ISPs outsourced mail delivery to larger mail server companies such as Microsoft Hotmail. In this case, it is likely to be out of Sympatico\’s control anyway, and they require the support and help of Microsoft Hotmail in order for outgoing email delivery to become reliable once again.

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