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The Peace of Mind the Nerds On Site TEAM Can Provide Your Business

When your business contracts a Nerd to manage your technology, you have the peace of mind knowing that you can focus on your business, because your Nerd has the help of a worldwide team! You can rest assured that if a problem does happen, your Nerd will resolve it quickly and efficiently with our proactive approach and with the help of our team!
Another great benefit our our team is that there is literally no technology problem we can\’t solve! There is always someone in our team of hundreds that can provide a solution, advice, or connect remotely to resolve a problem!  We have Nerds that specialize in servers, POS software, and Nerds that specialize in home theatre, among many other areas!
NerdCare clients can choose to have the health of their computers monitored, so if a virus does happen to get on the system, our NerdCare Support Team is made aware of it, day or night. If the hard drive starts showing signs of problems, or for some reason a server isn\’t responding, we know about it right away!
Our proactive approach includes regular on-site checkups & proactive maintenance that keep your systems running smoothly with less issues, therefore minimizing downtime.  We also present you with a predictable I.T. budget to limit financial surprises, and we can connect remotely to any computer to diagnose and resolve issues, limiting disruption to your business.
Instead of hiring several people to manage your business\’s technology, you can have an entire team of Nerds for a fraction of the cost, implementing our proactive approach to reduce your frustration, and increase your productivity, profit, and making your experience with technology more pleasurable!

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