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The Power of Having a Team and How We Can WOW Clients!

[this post is from Nerd Kevin O\’Reilly]
Late yesterday, a client called and needed desperate help with her Word Press blog (hosted elsewhere, but their business site is with us). Time lines were too tight for me to get up to speed, so I told her I would find a Nerd better qualified to assist. I send a distribution email to all Nerds, and then I had dinner.
When I got back a half hour later, I had to send another Distribution email to close the request. I had received replies from (in order) Dian Smit (from Vancouver Island, BC), Sarah Duemo (Niagara, ON), James Perih (from Winnipeg, MB), Jason Holtslander (Vancouver, BC), Anthony Berot (Toronto, ON), and Ben Wiper (Chester, NS).
When I contacted the client this morning to let her know, she said \”WOW, that fast? I guess we did the right thing in going with Nerds On Site!\” (her exact words)
That\’s twice now we have over delivered and WOWed them. The first was with Jonathan\’s (Hosting Team leader) help moving their business website in record time, because the previous hosting had given them ONE day notice of cutting them off.
Thanks to all Nerds for making ME (and NOS) look so good in the client\’s eyes!

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